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Security Testing

Proponent Technologies works with a technique to determine if an information system protects data and maintains functionality as intended. we offer an manual security assessment & code review service to highlight security vulnerabilities in software applications.
Proponent Technologies Maintaining and advancing IT foundation is presently considered as a standout amongst the most essential parts of business tasks. IT has changed itself into an imperative business apparatus, without which the entire framework and the business progressive system can disintegrate and break down. We give equipped specialized Support administrations to both little scale endeavours and substantial scale organizations, conveying world-class execution and in the meantime guaranteeing that your business is dependably up and running.
Proponent Technologies provides a range of testing services under the Security testing portfolio that includes the following:

Standards-based Security testing, OWASP Top 10, SANS Top 25, Compliance-based Security testing, PCI, HIPAA, Infrastructure Security testing, CMS Security testing, Threat modeling.

Security Testing

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