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24 Hours Remote Support

Proponent Technologies operates a 24 hour & 7 day a week remote support services that are staffed to handle any issue or question for the systems that we develop or support. our customer Care Portal allows our customers to create, update, and view support tickets online.
Our custom Customer Care Web Portal tracking system helps us to deliver dependable and reliable service support 24 hours / 7 days-a-week and enables the customer to track the progress of their support tickets until they are resolved. When you think of 24-hour support, you may envision some sizeable corporate company with outsourced phone support, or perhaps teams in the same country with some folks pulling the graveyard shift. Our customer support team will be stand by and available on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Operative Support Live 24/7 From Remote is provided to identify immediately any problem which could arise and its solution.

24 Hours Remote Support

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