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Computer Repairing and Cleaning

Computer Repairing and Cleaning

Are to getting tired of the high maintenance cost of your in computer repairs? Are you looking for cheap computer repair and maintenance service in India? Your answer is Proponent Technologies. Proponent Technologies provides a reasonable price computer repair and maintenance service that specializes in repairs, upgrades, computer installation, cleaning and setting up networks. At Proponent Technologies, We always provide custom computer repair services for all your devices, including desktops and laptops as well as network devices like Switches, Routers, wireless LAN (WLAN) and wireless routers. Our expert services that include Installation, repair and maintenance of your computer operating system and removal of viruses and spyware. The computer repair and maintenance service which we provide include periodic Computer Service, Repair and Cleaning always guarantee you excellent customer satisfaction. Our computer repair and maintenance services are as follows: Operating system updation. Disk cleaning and defragmentation Run the Disk Cleanup tool to scan for and remove old temporary files. Uninstall old, unused programs. Clean up your startup sequence.

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