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EGovernance Solutions

Proponent Technologies is a E-Governance Web Development, E-Governance Solutions, consultants, Service provider in Vancouver, Canada and Japan.We achieving e-Governance transcends beyond computerization of stand-alone back office operations & involves the fundamentals of how the government operates
The development of information technologies has led to a new form of communication with the government e-government. In the fast-growing space in IT, governments need to be more agile with openness in internal processes making them SLA oriented. This e-governance system is a demo system for automating the entire government system. e-Governance calls for efficient execution by the governments in their respective areas so that their services are aligned with the changing needs of citizens.
The solution percolates into the system not just at the technology level but also at a process and people level to ensure successful ERP implementation.

  • Rule-based solution scalable to meet future needs
  • Business Solution blueprinting by domain experts
  • Focus on integrating business process than building silo modules
  • Provision to integrate with leading GIS platforms
  • Location-based business operations management
  • Accelerated data service deployment

EGovernance Solutions

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